Hansel Clothing is an upcycled art and apparel brand helmed by New York City artist and St. Louis native, Mikaela Clark. Featuring color-punched contemporary art with a hint of nostalgia, Hansel Clothing's hand-painted jackets and one of a kind apparel are joyful reminders to live for your inner kid. Visit our contact page to order your custom piece and shop prints for your home below.



Mikaela Clark is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and the creative mind behind Hansel Clothing. 

Based in Brooklyn, like most twenty-somethings in the city, she can't call herself a native New Yorker but the city's non-stop flow of energy and art has definitely had an impact on her work. She was born and raised in ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, (you may know us by our jazz, or having the best barbecue in the midwest), into a family of resourceful individuals who did what they needed to, but also left room for their art, music, poetry, community building -- and, and, and. She credits her roots for giving her an early appreciation for the important role art serves in lifting us up and aiding our collective healing.

So, in 2019, during a particularly tough season of life, I started Hansel Clothing as a way to cope and find levity. It began simply, with a few customized denim jackets for friends, but grew, steadily over time, into a thriving small business supported by an expansive community of kind, creative individuals.

Through the growth, the mission has stayed the same: TO BRING JOY THROUGH ART and make showing up as your truest self as easy as getting dressed. Hansel combines classic workwear silhouettes that keep you comfortable, with VIBRANT art works and design elements that make your wardrobe staples feel fresh. Every item is handmade in our New York studio, with up-cycled and deadstock materials, so no two pieces are exactly alike, and no new textiles are required to produce our garments. The result: SUSTAINABLY DESIGNED, PLAYFUL EVERY DAY WEAR for the studio, the office, and everywhere in-between.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hansel, where everything is colorful: just like you.

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