About Us

Hansel Clothing is a small-batch apparel and lifestyle brand on a mission to connect you with the most joyful parts of yourself -- your inner kid. Helmed by Brooklyn-based artist Mikaela Clark, each item is handmade using pre-existing materials, to give our planet a break from the excess of net new products. Our clothes are designed with function and comfort in mind, combining the classic silhouettes you love with playful, oft hand-painted, design details that keep your wardrobe staples feeling fresh. Welcome to the world of Hansel.

New Arrivals! Tie-dye Smiley Tees

Hand-stitched Smiley Tees made from post-consumer cotton shirts, deadstock gingham and plaids. Durable, layer-able, love-able.

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One-of-a-kind Accessories

Upcycled, handmade, and three-per-pack. Shop Scrunchie Trios now!

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Home Goods

Spark joy in your home, every day. Matte finish art prints available in sizes 11x14" or 18x24"

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