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Pre-Order: The Hansel Smiley Tee, Classic

Pre-Order: The Hansel Smiley Tee, Classic

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Missed the drop? Pre-order your own Hansel Smiley tee in our classic style and get it this spring! I am only able to accommodate a limited number of pre-orders per month, so add to cart to snag yours and I'll get started on your order right away! Since products are handmade to order, each tee may have slight differences from the image listed and will ship within 3-5 weeks from purchase.


Design Details:

A comfy black tee with the hand-stitched Hansel Smiley in the classic muslin and red gingham with light blue and green tear details, made from secondhand button down shirts.

Sizing + Measurements:

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Your purchase helps reduce textile waste. Each Hansel Smiley Tee is made with vintage or secondhand fabrics and scraps from other projects. I strive for zero waste design, meaning every effort is made to utilize each remnant of fabric rather than discarding it. Reducing textile waste is a small step we can take to protect our environment by limiting clothing waste in landfills and the resulting carbon emissions. (Princeton University)

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